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My Murals

My style has developed organically, very much from my personal expression and interpretation of the world around me. I try to distill beauty and peace in my paintings, because that is what I want to bring into my home.

As an artist, I feel confident that I can work with my clients to create a finished product they will love by incorporating their ideas, tastes and style into the mural.

My intention is that the whole process of creating and executing the mural should be fun. We are creating something very special, let’s enjoy it..

About Angie Noir

Angie Noir the Artist I remember sketching and painting every moment while growing up in Budapest, Hungary. Even as a child, I realized my inner purpose in life!

I began taking fine art courses in my formative years in Budapest and then went on to college to receive formal art training in graphic design, sculpture, drawing and fashion design.

After graduating, I was hired as an animator by a European cartoon animation studio doing contract work for European firms. After working for the animation studio, I transitioned into designing restaurant interiors, logos, menus’ and murals.

In 2000, I moved to the United States and settled in South Florida with my family. My career now found myself doing gold gilding, decorative painting and restoration work.

Several years later, I started working for a mural company where I could apply my painting skills and passion for detail on large scale surfaces! For over 8 years I have been designing and painting large Murals, Trompe L'oeil and my true love; Custom Artwork.

As I have grown as an artist, I have come to really appreciate the human form. I will never tire of examining the subtleties that exist in the human figure.

My figure paintings are very passionate and often use stark compositions in order to emphasize a specific mood, beauty and spirituality of her subjects. My diverse training provided me with a unique technique which is visible in both the traditional and contemporary qualities that my paintings possess. I enjoy painting both figures and scenery in acrylic and oils. These characteristics have guided her work from start to finish.

I love to let go and allow each piece to evolve and grow from my inner feelings! When it comes down to it, my art is my life!

Finally, I proudly became an American citizen in 2008!

Thank you,

Angie Noir

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