My Art

My Murals

My style has developed organically, very much from my personal expression and interpretation of the world around me. I try to distill beauty and peace in my paintings, because that is what I want to bring into my home.

As an artist, I feel confident that I can work with my clients to create a finished product they will love by incorporating their ideas, tastes and style into the mural.

My intention is that the whole process of creating and executing the mural should be fun. We are creating something very special, let’s enjoy it..

My Mural Gallery

I love to paint on a large scale. It is exciting. There is nothing like a well placed, well painted, mural. It creates a striking impact and can dramatically transform a space. It turns a plain surface into something beautiful and unique. It tells a story about the space and promotes a chosen mood.

Murals can inform, or create an illusion, transporting the spirit wherever it cares to travel - from an Italian Vineyard to the Egyptian Pyramids - giving visual expression to your dreams and fantasies. For me, it is a privilege to take part in the creation of something that resonates in my clients.

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